Read what people are saying about why they support Emily Beach.

"We need veterans in Congress for their leadership and their first-hand knowledge of how service members returning to civilian life need access to medical care, mental health services, job training, and affordable housing in one of the most expensive regions of the country. As an executive leader and a veteran Emily Beach will make an outstanding Congresswoman and I am proud to support her!"
Abdul Henderson
U.S. Marine combat veteran & Former Executive Director of the Congressional Black Caucus
"As a San Bruno native and Past-President of the non-profit Yaseen Foundation (the Peninsula's Muslim Community Association) I met Councilwoman Emily Beach often and had multiple opportunities to see her at work for the community. She joined Yaseen's Ramadan Iftars and included me in her Burlingame Faith Leader gatherings. Emily preemptively meets with constituents and listens with an empathetic ear. She takes everyone’s feedback and then works diligently to deliver results that make San Mateo County a place where diversity is valued. She will take that same formula to Congress. I know Emily personally and her public side is the same as her private side: she’s honest, hardworking and trustworthy. I'm proud to endorse Emily Beach for Congress."
Nyla Ibrahim
Past President of Yaseen Burlingame Center
"I've been impressed by Emily's powerful communication and collaboration skills ̶ and by the way she rolls up her sleeves to make progress on tough issues. Women make great legislators and leaders. We need an inspiring, compassionate, qualified woman like Emily representing us in Washington! I'm proud to endorse Emily Beach for Congress."
Sophie Cole, M.D.
Hillsborough City Councilmember
"I remember Emily saying to our leadership class: "We all have superpowers. The key is figuring out which ones you have, and using them to make the world a better place." Now more than ever, our country needs Emily Beach's superpowers in Washington! Emily Beach is an amazing leader and I am proud to endorse her for Congress.”
Ken Chin
Trustee, San Mateo-Foster City School District
"Empathy, compassion, smarts and tenacious toughness are a rare combination. My friend Emily Beach is all that and more. Proud and excited to support her efforts to bring her talent to a wider stage in Congress."
Jeremy Gordon
Tech Executive, Entrepreneur, and High School Coach
"I know Emily will stand up for our Bay Area values in Washington, while also building bridges across the aisle. She is a proven coalition-builder who treats everyone with respect and works successfully with people from all walks of life. These skills can't be taught – she developed them over a lifetime in the Army, private sector, volunteer world, and in local government. Congress needs her skillset now more than ever, which is why I enthusiastically endorse Emily Beach to represent California's 15th District."
John McKay
Mayor Pro Tem, Morgan Hill
"I have known Emily for over twenty years. A few years after we met, I was forced to leave my apartment in San Francisco and did not have the resources to rent another place. When Emily found out my family and I were stuck without shelter, she immediately offered her home to me and insisted my family stay with her until we could get something more permanent. I have never been so touched and am forever grateful for her help during a tough time. Her strength of character is like no other. I support Emily Beach for Congress."
Ray Hidrogo
Musician and Teacher
"I’m supporting Emily Beach for Congress because I know that she will make education, family leave, healthcare, the environment and pay equity top priorities. It’s essential that the 15th Congressional District continues to be represented by a strong woman with a brass backbone who will stand up for working families and people who require the fortitude of real leadership to go toe to toe with those who might be tempted to go along and get along. Winning the election is not sufficient. We need a candidate with courage and character and that is why I am supporting Emily Beach. Our state, our families and our future need her in Congress."
Delaine Eastin
Former California State Superintendent of Public Instruction
"I am thrilled to support Emily's candidacy for #CA15. I cannot think of a more compassionate, courageous and all-round amazing woman to represent us in Congress. I participated in the Burlingame Collaborative, an all-volunteer group representing a wide swath of community stakeholders that Emily spearheaded in response to the pandemic. Under her leadership, this group became an additional buffer for the most vulnerable in our community ~ from ensuring multiple forums to communicate public health information, to supporting small businesses and renters as they navigated difficult financial conditions, to conducting outreach with those struggling with isolation and mental health issues. To me the Collaborative represents what is truly special about Emily, her ability to bring together people with often divergent interests and political affiliations united by their desire to serve the community they love.”
Namrata Mundhra
Community Activist and Volunteer
“Emily is a committed and valued ally to the LGBTQ+ community. I first met Emily in 2020 when the San Mateo County LGBTQ+ Commission approached her as Mayor of Burlingame to celebrate Pride Month (something the city had never formally done before). That year, Emily was the first Mayor in Burlingame’s history to issue a proclamation to declare June officially as Pride Month in her city! It has been truly incredible to have such dedicated support from Emily for the LGBTQ+ community. Her ongoing efforts have greatly helped bring visibility and inclusion to the forefront of Burlingame and San Mateo County LGBTQ+ residents, allowing us to know we are seen and that we belong.”
Giuliana Garcia
Community Activist
“I worked with Emily during her term as President of Burlingame’s Education Foundation. She inspired our leadership team and community to achieve record-breaking heights in fundraising and volunteerism. Her impassioned speech during our annual gala’s Fund-A-Need helped raised over $330,000 in just 15 minutes! I’ve worked with countless volunteers over the past 20+ years in my experience as a PTA President and PTA Council Member, President of National Charity League’s local chapter, and Burlingame Planning Commissioner. Emily is second to none. She listens carefully to the needs of her community, delivers ambitious results, speaks eloquently, works passionately, and selflessly devotes her time and energy to improve the lives of others. I wholeheartedly endorse Emily Beach for Congress.”
Audrey Tse
Business Owner and Community Volunteer
“I’ve served on regional boards with Emily. She is intelligent, experienced, disciplined, and compassionate. She does her homework, is a good listener, fearless, and always prepared. She’ll make an excellent member of Congress and I’m proud to support her.”
Ron Collins
San Carlos City Councilmember and former Mayor
“I have not been this excited about someone else’s campaign since working for Obama’s in 2008! Emily will be a major asset in D.C. advocating for fairness, accountability, and sustainability for California’s 15th District and our nation. I am proud to endorse Emily Beach for Congress.”
Cliff Lentz
Brisbane Mayor Pro Tempore
“Emily’s dedication to environmental issues will be invaluable in addressing climate change - the most urgent and consequential challenge of our time. Her genuine kindness, compassion and positivity are qualities that are desperately needed in our deeply divided country.”
Lennie Roberts
Environmental Advocate
“Emily Beach is exactly the kind of leader our country needs right now because she understands that public service isn’t about power or politics but about people. From her service in uniform to her tireless efforts on behalf of working families in Burlingame, Emily has demonstrated time and again that she’s willing to take tough stances in order to solve our toughest problems. That's why New Politics is proud to endorse this courageous servant leader. Because we know that in Congress, she’s going to get big things done on behalf of her Bay Area neighbors.”
Emily Cherniack
Founder and Executive Director, New Politics
“In these unprecedented times, we need people like Emily in Congress. Emily’s experience and commitment of service is exactly what we need in Washington right now. She will be a tireless fighter for veterans, service members, and all Californians in Congress. Put simply, Emily knows how to get things done. We’re proud to endorse her.”
Jon Soltz
Chair of VoteVets
“SFWPC strongly supports Emily Beach for Congress. As activist judges and radical conservatives vote to strip away the rights of women nationwide, we need to take a hard look at the status quo political establishment that allowed us to get here. Who is at the table matters. We need real-world leaders like Emily in Congress fighting for us: to ensure women are no longer left behind or second-guessed on the issues of the day.”
Jennifer Longley
Co-President of San Francisco Women’s Political Committee