Emily's Priorities and Values

Courage. Integrity. Hard Work.

Emily Beach isn’t part of the status quo political establishment. She has the real-world experience needed to build coalitions that break through the gridlock in Congress and advance solutions for the people of the Peninsula. Emily’s experience keeps her grounded and her work ethic gets results. 

Emily’s Experience: 

  • U.S. Army Veteran
  • City Councilmember and former Mayor 
  • Business executive
  • Non-profit leader
  • Parent of teens
  • University of Notre Dame graduate

Emily listens to her constituents and champions our values, not special interests. Emily knows what it’s like to fight for her own pay equity, battle sexism, help immigrants, manage a family budget, and worry about her children’s future. 

Emily’s Priorities In Congress:

  • Climate action
  • Affordable housing and homelessness
  • Mental health
  • Women’s reproductive freedom
  • Education
  • Fairness, equity, and civility

A U.S. Army Veteran 

Emily was a Captain in the U.S. Army and graduated from the Army Airborne parachute school. While serving overseas in Saudi Arabia and Korea she developed the leadership and team building skills that helped her succeed as a business executive, elected official, and community volunteer. Emily’s military experience matters now more than ever in Congress. 

A Councilmember Who Gets Results

As Mayor of Burlingame, Emily led the effort to raise the minimum wage. Since first elected to City Council in 2015, she expanded investment in public transit, bike lanes, parks, and affordable housing. When the pandemic hit, Emily created the Burlingame Collaborative to find local solutions to hunger, isolation, and struggling businesses. 

A Fighter for Education Equity

As an education non-profit leader, Emily increased local funding for public schools and expanded need-based preschool scholarships. She also knows what it’s like to navigate the special education system as a parent of teenagers and a former foster parent. Emily believes education is a powerful investment in our country’s future.

A Pro-Choice Woman

With the Supreme Court ruling on reproductive freedom coming this year and several states outlawing choice, we need Emily fighting for women’s rights in Congress and building a coalition to codify Roe v. Wade into law. Congress has only 27% women, let’s not go backward in representation now.

An Environmental Champion

Climate change threatens our way of life and Emily is committed to reducing our carbon footprint. She successfully fought to preserve nine acres of open space on the Bayfront’s public land. She bikes, takes public transit to work, and champions sustainable infrastructure to protect against wildfires, sea level rise, and floods.